Capping Machine

As packaging professionals, you know that offering your customers high-quality products and services is essential to your success. And if you want to keep your customers coming back for more, you need to provide them with an experience that exceeds their expectations.

ZimaPack’s capping and filling services can help you accomplish this. With these services, you can help your customers protect their products and give them a finished look that will impress them. We prioritize using quality materials and equipment to ensure that every cap or fill is perfect.

Bottle Capping Machine

Type of Products Our Machines Can Fill

Our line of sorters for your capping needs

Sorters for cappers come in various designs, but they all essentially serve the same purpose: to make sure that the cap is being fed down the capping chute and to the pick & place device securely and in the correct orientation. This way the capping heads can do their job to apply the caps effectively onto the bottle/container. These are the kinds of sorters ZimaPack offers:

  • Mechanical Sorter
  • Centrifugal Sorter
  • Waterfall Sorter
  • Vibratory Sorter

Automatic Capping Machine

Clutch Style Capping Heads vs. Inline Belts/Wheel

  • Clutch Style Capping Heads offer higher operating speeds than Inline Belts/Wheels. This provides users with a more efficient operation, increasing production rates while reducing costs associated with labor and materials.
  • Clutch-style Capping Heads and Inline Belts/Wheels vary in the size of caps they can accommodate. Clutch-style capping heads typically provide a larger range of cap sizes than inline belts/wheels, allowing for diverse packaging options.
  • Clutch-style Capping Heads work well with various shaped caps. Inline Belts/Wheels typically struggle with any shaped caps besides simple flat screw on caps.
  • Clutch Style Capping Heads are known for their precision and reliability as they can accurately adjust the torque output to maintain a tight seal without over-tightening or damaging the package. This also helps reduce product waste due to loss or damage from improper sealing. In contrast, Inline Belts/Wheels are not able to control torque levels at different speeds properly and can potentially lead to loose seals if not monitored closely.

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate way to seal your containers, then Clutch-Style Capping Heads are the ideal solution.

Capper Machine

Why Choose Us For Your Capping Needs

At ZimaPack, we provide capping machines for a variety of products. Our versatility allows our machines to handle different sizes and shapes of containers, interchangeable capping heads, dedicated/flexible cap chutes, and various types of closures.

Our capping machines are perfect for companies that want to save time, money and product. We build capping machinery for different sectors, including food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal care,  home care, etc. And if your capping application is unique, we will custom design a machine to fit your needs.

ZimaPack’s Clutch-Style Capping offers superior performance and value for manufacturers and customers. They are easier to use, can be adapted to various products, and are more efficient and precise than other methods. Contact us today to get a quote and see how we can help you improve your manufacturing process.