Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Type of Products Our Machines Can Fill

Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

Our Rotary, Inline, and Semi-Automatic Filling Machines

Our Rotary Net Weight Filling Machines function for a wide-range of liquid products into rigid containers at low or high speeds with highly accurate fills. On the other hand, inline net weight fillers offer the same benefits as rotary machines but are best suited for large containers and slower speeds. Both types of equipment are built with the utmost precision to ensure consistent, precise fills.

We also offer Semi-Automatic Filling Machines with the same product saving technology as our Rotary/Inline Machines but for low volumes and/or lab use. They can also have more than one filling station and fill different size containers at the same time!

Rotary Fillers: Here’s what they do

  • They are typically for speeds above 40 BPM to 600 BPM.
  • They can handle a wide range of product viscosities and fill sizes from 1ml – 10000ml.
  • They are continuous motion machines with positive bottle handling
  • Can customize to Monoblock design with Rinser and/or Capper
  • Want to combine your filler and capper and/or rinser? Click here to take a look at our Monoblock machines

Inline Fillers: Here’s what they do

  • Typically for speeds under 40 BPM, which can integrate with an inline or intermittent Capper and/or Rinser.
  • Prongs attached to the load cell allow us to lift the bottles off the conveyor to fill by net weight. Containers that do not easily fall when lifted are best for this system.
  • They offer high flexibility as they need minimum change parts for different bottles sizes.
  • They offer great filling precision and our Automatic Clean In Place System makes it easy to switch from one product to another. No tubing or pistons= shorter cleaning times!

Semi-Automatic Fillers: Here’s what they do

  • The machine can dispense the substance into the container precisely, ensuring that each container will have the same amount of the substance.
  • Entry-level filler that doesn’t sacrifice precise fills
  • Dispensing low-volume products and/or dangerous substances, such as chemicals, in a
    controlled manner makes it ideal for small runs or laboratory equipment as it results in fewer spills and accidents.
  • Integration of an Optional Air/Water Rinser is possible

Automatic Filling Machines

Constant weight, constant customer satisfaction using ZimaPack Net Weight Filling Machines

When temperature and barometric pressure change, volume varies, but net weight remains constant. We at ZimaPack adhere to the notion of filling by net weight. Consequently, we construct devices with this idea in mind.

At ZimaPack, our engineers have over 35 years of experience in net weight filling. Are you prepared to begin? Contact us today for an estimate on the required machine!